For Asset, Inventory, Automation,
RTLS, Attendance, Security systems


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inventory and asset
at all times


For Applications, Tags, Readers,
Antennas, HF, UHF and Active

Intrasys provides Passive & Active RFID solutions in Singapore and Asia Pacific

Intrasys specialize in providing Passive and Active Singapore RFID solutions for RFID Inventory Management System, RFID Asset Management System and RFID Real-Time Location Tracking System in Singapore. Intrasys also offers a wide range of RFID products such as RFID hardware, Bluetooth and IOT devices. Founded in 2007, Intrasys is a pioneer in RFID productivity and automation solutions in Singapore and Asia Pacific.

RFID Inventory Management Solution

You will achieve full visibility of your assets and inventory on its movements with accurate, real-time dashboard updates with RFID.

RFID Assets Management Solution

You can now increase productivity with automation using our RFID Stock Taking & Inventory Management System for you to conduct your periodic audit efficiently.

RFID Real Time Location Solution

You can locate, track, manage and optimize high-value assets, equipment and people across your organization with real-time updates using RFID.

Intrasys RFID Solutions

Aerospace & Defence

Improve track, trace, and accountability with RFID solutions to effectively reduce maintenance costs across multiple operations.

Oil & Gas

Gain real-time, web-enabled visibility of your Oil and Gas offshore assets and crew using RFID, reducing cost and risk in your operations.

Maritime and Vessel

Complete coverage on vessel tracking from assets to crew with RFID real-time location and monitoring in tracked zone area.

Transportation and Logistic

Ensure seamless traceability and reduce losses, while enhancing stock management and processing speed with RFID.

Retail and Hospitality

Manage the inventory and control at shop floor and warehouses with RFID to reduce labour costs, increase efficiency and optimize inventory.

Building and Construction

Identify, track, and secure expensive assets or personnel in job-site logistics with RFID for maximum visiblity and traceability.

RFID Readers & Products

Intrasys RFID Readers

RFID Readers

Fixed Readers, Desktop Readers, Active Readers, Passive Readers, UHF Readers, HF Readers, Bluetooth Readers, USB Readers, Integrated Reader Antenna

Intrasys RFID Mobile

RFID Mobile

Mobile Readers, Hand Held Readers, Zebra Readers, Motorola Readers, ATID Readers, Windows Readers, Android Readers, Bluetooth RFID Readers

Intrasys RFID Tags


HID Tags, RFID Inlay Tags, PVC Tags, Security Tags, ATEX Tags, Cylinder Tags, High-temp Tags, Laundry Tags, Metal Tags, Rugged Tags, Vehicle Tags, Label Tags, Book Tags, Library Tags

Intrasys RFID Gantry

RFID Gantry

Security Gantry, Overhead Gantry, Doorway Access Gantry, Customized Gantry, Forklift Gantry, Mobile Gantry, Fixed Gantry

Intrasys RFID Customized Engineering

RFID Customized Engineering

RFID Conveyor Fabrication, Customized Gantry Fabrication, RFID Trolley Fabrication, RFID Scanning Station, RFID Deposit Box

Intrasys RFID Startup Development Kit

RFID Startup Development Kit

RFID Tag Sample Packs, Fixed RFID Development Kit, Mobile Hand Held Development Kit, Inventory Management System, Asset Management System

Intrasys - Provider of Singapore RFID Solutions

Intrasys Profile

Founded in 2007, Intrasys is a pioneer in RFID productivity and automation solutions in Singapore. Intrasys specializes in providing customized end-to-end Passive and Active Singapore RFID Solutions for RFID Inventory Management System, RFID Asset Management System and RFID Real-Time Location Tracking. Intrasys currently has a global presence and operates at various countries in Asia Pacific including Singapore, Taiwan and Shanghai. Intrasys is also a member of National RFID Center and the main RFID supplier and provider of software and hardware solutions in Singapore.

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Intrasys provided by far the Best-in-class RFID solution we have worked with. They brought a personal and effective approach to every project we worked on. Looking forward to many future collaborations.

Robin Hoong - IFM Electronics

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