RFID Tools Tracking

RFID Equipment Management System

Customized for Aerospace and Defence

Maintaining and repairing jet airplane components is an incredibly complex task and Mechanics must handle hundreds of parts and use sophisticated tools, devices and other equipment during servicing. Intrasys simplifies it by providing RFID Equipment Management Solution for accountability of all components and prevents risk of Foreign Object Damage (FOD), promotes tool accountability, resulting in increased inventory accuracy and manufacturing tools utilization.

Intrasys RFID Equipment Management Solution enables:

  • Inventory Accuracy: Real-time status of tools location and maintenance status
  • Process Improvement: Accountability and instant alerts
  • System Integration: Expandable interfacing for ERP, program management, WMS or any other systems
  • Device Independence: Flexible configuration can incorporate mixed environments

RFID Equipment Management

RFID Gantry

Complete Tracking

Manage and gain control of your asset through cloud-based solutions that provide flexibility and ease of use.

RFID Desktop Reader

Full Reporting

Acquire reports and data sets from your assets to gain knowledge and insights as well as performing actionable decisions.

RFID Handheld Reader

Flexible Data

Multiple API web-services available to enable data integration into your existing applications with minimal effort.

RFID Deployment Flexibility

RFID Gantry

RFID Toolbox

Toolbox based allows automated update of tools status every time a tool is in place.

RFID Handheld Reader

RFID Handheld

Handheld provides for mobility and is an cost effective way for updating assets and providing updates.

UHF and Active

UHF and Active

UHF and Active are most frequently used to reliably track asset to ensure 100% read rate.

"Intrasys proved to be the best suited among competitors to solve complex asset management challenges with their deep domain expertise and flexibility." - Peter Lee - Director, EuroCellular