Founded in 2007, Intrasys is a pioneer in RFID productivity and automation solutions. Intrasys specializes in providing customized end-to-end Passive and Active RFID Solutions for Inventory Management, Asset Management, Real-Time Location Tracking as well as Identity and Security. Intrasys currently has a global presence and operates at various countries in Asia Pacific including Singapore, Taiwan and Shanghai.

Intrasys is also a member of National RFID Center and the main RFID supplier and provider of software and hardware solutions in Singapore.

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Our team represents some of the leading minds in RFID technology including web application development, product development and more. We don't punch a clock or work in suits but each person knows their role and has the power to influence the direction and success of our company every day.


We take a collaborative approach to RFID project implementation. Our staff routinely works together on projects to make sure we are on-strategy across each area of our business. Our team is empowered and expected to contribute ideas that push us forward as a company.


We work primarily on the cloud or on private servers and leverage web-based applications to ensure our customers can seamlessly access their work regardless of the machine they are using. We rely on best in class RFID equipments and work closely with our partners. We also provide our team the technology and software they need to remain effective in their positions.


We are looking for talented people to help us grow. We want to develop better systems to help our client's improve productivity using RFID technology. We are looking for individuals who will come in and own the areas of our business that are most interesting to them. We are looking for candidates who can identify the best tools for a given job and quickly adapt. Interested in joining our team?

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