Active RFID

Active RFID

Intrasys provides Active RFID Solutions for various industries with the Real Time Location Tracking System (RTLS) and Localization Technology.

Applications of Active RFID Solutions
  • Asset Management
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Pallet and Cart Tracking
  • Emergency Evacuation Monitoring
  • Assembly Line Management
  • Patient and Equipment Management
  • Event Management
RFID Restricted Areas Warning

Restricted Areas Warning

Area warning shows up as soon as it detects unauthorised access by personnels.

RFID Event Management

Event Management

Footpath trace in events to better understand visitors pattern and profile.

RFID Active Tags

Active Tags

Active tags in different configuration, shape and sizes.

"With Intrasys' Asset Tracking Solution, all asset control now becomes automated with real-time information update." - Ross, Mobi Mobile